Affordable Yet Looks Expensive, A Filipino’s Dream Home Came True

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Who would have thought that a house built on a 13 square meters lot is possible? Maybe others might think that houses built on a lot this size can only cater shanties, dog houses or small storage rooms for old stocked items but no it can also be utilized for building a small house. It might not be that big but it can be valuable to anybody looking for an affordable yet decent home.

One great sample of achieving this feat is a Filipino Architect Vina Lustado. Vina was a Filipina born in the Philippines whose family migrated to the US. Their first year in the US was difficult one, with a family of 10 members they managed to stay in a one-bedroom duplex. But this scenario did not stop Vina from pursuing her dream. She studied industriously and finally and graduated an architecture degree at University of Southern California in 1991.

After years of working hard for big architectural firms, she finally built a business of her own in 2010 which led her to build a small house with energy efficient functionalities.  

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