3 Things You Need to Turn Your House into a Wonderful Hangout Place

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When I was in college, our classes schedule usually goes from 8am to 7pm where 3 to 5 hour breaks are usually in between. 5 hours are long which make my friends think of going somewhere else’s house near our school. This is a good time to study and also to bond with your friends. Since, our house is the nearest one in our school it became the official hangout place of the group and because of this experience, I thought that it’s good to write an article about it.

So, to make your house the best hangout place ever, here are the things that you should consider:

Recreational Areas

A good long hour break would never be complete without recreational areas. For me, the best part of this time while I was in school is playing basketball under the sun. For a 3 hour break, we usually play for an hour and rest the remaining two hours before going back to school.

For recreational activities, since I love sports, I think choosing your house near a basketball or tennis court would be good. Or at least, if you do not have an option, you can buy a table tennis table, a pair of racket and a ball for small spaced areas.  

Good Seating/Resting Areas

If you want your classmates to have the best stay for long hour breaks, you should consider putting up good seating areas for the group. This is vital to this list because one of the reasons why you are going to your classmates house is to rest or sometimes it is the time where friends bond, exchange good stories and also review  about the past lessons that they need to study.

As for my experience, a good resting area is a house with a landscaped garden with a “Nippa hut” or “bahay kubo” on it. There, some of us sleep, study or just sit and relax telling stories about our day.


If you will invite your friends to stay on your house, you should have ample amount of food that can be eaten for long hours of waiting. For food, I usually prepare them simple meals like “Pancit Canton” complemented with bread good for 10. For our drinks, they enjoyed a pitcher of iced tea or even just cold water would do.

So, this is it! I hope you liked this post!